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Market Bound: The Beauty and Business of Publishers’ Bindings, 1800-1950

August 10 – November 2, 2017

In 1800 books were made as they had been for over a millennium: hand-sewn rag-paper pages with custom-made leather bindings. Within twenty years the industrial revolution had spread to bookbinding, allowing mass-production techniques that gave publishers their first opportunity to use book covers as advertisement for the material within.

Market Bound: the Beauty and Business of Publishers Bindings, 1800-1950, looks at the rise of the commercial book cover, meant to draw the eye, focused on diverse genres, and increasingly signaled the reader’s taste and status. From children’s books to encyclopedias, these mass-produced, uniform covers signaled an industry using new tools to reach a growing audience. Even today, their beauty and style enchant.



SF in SF with Daryl Gregory and Lisa Mason

Sunday, September 10, 6:00 pm

Join us on Sunday, July 9, for a lively evening of reading and discussion with authors Daryl Gregory and Lisa Mason, moderated by Bay Area author, editor, and raconteur Terry Bisson.

Daryl Gregory is the author of Spoonbenders, his latest work, as well as the Crawford Award-winner Pandemonium; The Devil’s Alphabet (which Publishers Weekly named a Best Book for 2009); Raising Stony Mayhall; Afterparty; Harrison Squared, and Unpossible and Other Stories. His novella “We Are All Completely Fine” won the 2015 World Fantasy Award as well as the Shirley Jackson Award. A native of Chicago, Gregory now lives and works in Oakland, CA.

Lisa Mason is probably best known for her time travel novels, which include Summer of Love (winner of the Philip K. Dick Award); and The Golden Nineties/The Gilded Age (a New York Times Notable Book), but she has written a number of other novels: cyberpunk, paranormal romance, and other genres. A lawyer and editor, she lives in the Bay Area and has a number of new works out including One Day in the Life of Alexa

For over a decade SF in SF has offered readings, films, and special events in the Bay Area for readers of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction. Hosted by Terry Bisson, past guests have included Connie Willis, Gene Wolfe, Laurie King, Nancy Kress, Lev Grossman, Patrick Rothfuss, Gail Carriger, Cory Doctorow, Peter S. Beagle, and many others. We hope you will join us!

$10 at the door (no one is turned away for lack of funds). As always, Borderlands Books will be on hand with copies of both authors’ work.