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Binding Community: Bringing Together Diverse Peoples with the Art of Bookbinding

Have you ever wanted to create a community book-binding experience? Want to bring attention to local events through bookbinding? Don’t know where to start?

Please join community organizer and artist, Cynthia Marsh, in a virtual webinar with the American Bookbinders Museum on how to do just that. From exploring preliminary ideas through execution, Marsh will guide you through the process of using printing and bookbinding to build community.

Cynthia Marsh is a record keeper who begins conversations by juxtaposing collected remnants of the visual noise that crosses her path. Marsh was a founding member of the Women’s Graphic Center at the (historic) Woman’s Building in Los Angeles. From 1978-1990 she operated a freelance print and illustration studio in Los Angeles that produced Grammy-nominated album covers. She taught courses in printmaking and design at a multitude of universities and founded the Goldsmith Press and Rare Type Collection–a living museum of 19th-century wood type that encourages community members to print and post their stories.






This webinar will be recorded and sent to all registered participants.

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The American Bookbinders Museum is the only museum of its kind in North America, celebrating and exploring the history, tools and stories of bookbinders and bookbinding, from its earliest forms through the changes and innovations of the industrial revolution.

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