Research volunteers are responsible for researching themes related to historical bookbinding (binding equipment, binding styles, social issues, etc.) and conducting necessary research to contribute to the museum’s training resources for tour development. The opportunity to transition into the role of tour docent is highly encouraged.


To advance the educational mission of the American Bookbinders Museum by developing tours and training resources on the subject of bookbinding and bookbinders.

Job Description

Researchers take an active role in the development of our educational programs. Research subjects include:

  • 19th Century Bookbinding Equipment
  • Hand—Industrial Bookbinding
  • Women in the bindery
  • Binders and workers unions
  • Apprentices in the bindery

Activities and Responsibilities

Research volunteers will work closely with Museum staff to develop resources most needed for the museum’s tour development schedule.  Researchers will use a variety of methods to gather information for staff use. Volunteers with a strong interest in particular subjects related to the Museum’s collections will be encouraged.

Characteristics, Training and Experience

  • Experience with academic research methods.
  • Education in history, art, bookbinding or teaching desired, although not required.
  • Experience with wikis, ability to save information in a variety of electronic web-based formats is strongly encouraged.
  • Role can be done remotely.

Content created through this position becomes the property of The American Bookbinders Museum. Opportunities to create attributable writing content for our blog and other publications are also available.

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