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Manufacture of Leather

The second of two lectures as part of the 49th Annual Members Exhibition for the Hand Bookbinders of California. The American Bookbinders Museum is pleased to present The Manufacture of Leather, led by David Lanning, of J. Hewit and Sons, UK.

David will present a virtual tour of the J Hewit & Sons Tannery and talk about the leather manufacturing process. Have you ever wondered where they get their hides, how it’s  tanned and what archival tannage is? David will talk about the structure of leather, ‘Beamhouse’ operations, and finishing leather for use in binding. Don’t miss this chance to ask him anything leather manufacturing and about his career at J Hewit.

David has worked at J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. since 1987. He came to Hewit’s by way of an agricultural and farming background, with an expertise in growing bananas and avocados. But that, as they say, is another story… He started as London Sales Manager in London and was later appointed a Director of the company with overall responsibility for Sales and Marketing in 1991. As a Director, David is passionate about all things bookbinding, encompassing conservation, restoration, craft and trade. Although he has never wielded a bone folder or paring knife in anger, he considers himself quite a competent armchair bookbinder! He is a Past-President of the Society of Bookbinders and The Institute of Bookbinding and Allied Trades.

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