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Book Conservators in Private Practice – a Virtual Event

Join us for a look behind the covers, with an in-person event marking the closing of The Many Lives of Books: Exploring the Work of Book Conservators. Local private practice conservators Juliayn Coleman and Karen Zukor will share a peek into their work conserving books from personal collections—the rare, the valuable, and the sentimental.The audience will be invited to participate in a Q&A with Juliayn and Karen to discuss what to expect when having their own books, paper or historical artifacts treated by a professional conservator. How do you know you need a conservator? How do you find one? What should you know about working with a conservator? Bring your burning questions!

Juliayn Coleman

Juliayn Coleman received a diploma in bookbinding and book conservation from the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts in 2003, and has been a professional bookbinder/book conservator and teacher ever since. Her books have been shown at the Boston Architectural Center, the San Francisco Public Library, the Geisel Library of UCSD, and the Chicago Public Library. She is a member of the Guild of Book Workers (US) and Designer Bookbinders (UK). Recent clients include Santa Clara University/Mission Santa Clara Archives, the California School for the Deaf, and many private collectors. She lives and binds in beautiful Oakland, California.

Karen Zukor

Karen Zukor has been a professional paper conservator for over forty years and is a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation. She has been responsible for many collections – including fine art, archival material, maps, documents, and rare books – held both in private hands and at institutions. In addition, she has trained both pre- and post-program interns for over twenty years, and lectures widely to the general public.

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