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Bookbuilders West Book Show 1999




circa 1999

Sheridan Books

circa 1999

Hardcover or Case Bound

Don Smith

Special Edition Binding was done by Grant Milford at Binders & Custom Packaging

Editorial Management: Eric Houts and Cathleen Veraldi (Company: Epic); Copyediting: Tara Mead (Company: Chameleon); Fact Checking and Proofreading: Roy Wallace (Company: Maple-Vail Book Manufacturing Group); Production Management: Danette Davis (Company: University of California Press); Design and Composition: Nola Burger (Company: University of California Press); Scanning: Rick Woodbury (Company: Integrated Composition Systems); Film Output and Proofs: Gloria Fontana (Company: The GTS Companies); Cover Materials: Don Smith (Company: Permalin Products Company); Special Edition Cover Materials: Mary Lou Slater (Company: Ecological Fibers, Inc.) Text: Scala; Display: Scala Sans; Universe Condensed Light and Bold Materials Text Stock: 80# Sterling Litho Satin; Cloth: Permalin Iris, Celery; Endsheets: Permalin Multicolor, Black; Foil Stamping: Lustrofoil Limited Edition Version Materials: Cloth: Rainbow Brillianta, Dark Gray; Spine: Rainbow Bonded Leather, Black, Lizard emboss; Endsheets: Rainbow, Black, Pinseal emboss; Foil stamping: Pantone foil

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