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38/39, Volume XIX, Number 2, Volume XX, Number 1, copyright 1999 / Blackletter: Type and National Identity. Double issue catalog of the exhibition / Curated by Peter Bain and Paul Shaw / Element, Max Bittrof / Dannenberg, Erich Meyer / Deutschland, Type and Nationalism / Gotika, Imre Reiner / Ballade, Paul Renner / Rotunda, Italy and Spain / The Arts and crafts Movement, William Morris and Will H. Bradley / Modern Rotunda, The Historical Roots of New Forms / Batarde, Burgundy and Northern France / Civilite, France and the Low Countries / Schwabacher, Bohemia and the German States / The Birth of Fraktur, Maximilian I and Martin Luther / Breitkopf, B.C. Breitkopf and J.G.I. Breitkopf / Walbaum Fraktur, Justus Erich Walbaum / Unger Fraktur, Johann Friedrich Unger / Decorative Fraktur / Fat Face Fraktur, 19th Century Germany / Hybrid Type, The Marriage of Roman and Fraktur / Eckmannschrift, Otto Eckmann / Behrens-Shrift, Peter Behrens / Neudeutsch, Otto Hupp / Weiss Fraktur, Emil Rudolf Weiss / Riemann's Frakturs, Walter Riemann / Gilgengart Fraktur, Hermann Zapf / Bernhard Fraktur, Lucian Bernhard / Deutsche Shrift, Rudolf Koch / Koch's Frakturs, Rudolf Koch / Post Fraktur, Herbert Post / Zentenar Fraktur, F.H. Ernst Schneidler



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New York

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Semiannual Vol. 1 (1979)-

27 cm

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