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1997. Marks in Books: The Conference / Roger E. Stoddard. At the Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, January 27, 1997 / Roger E. Stoddard. Problems of Decoration and Provenance of Incunables Illuminated by North Italian Miniaturists / Lilian Armstrong. Institutional Management of Book Stocks / David McKitterick. The Rosenthal Collection of Printed Books with Manuscript Annotations / Bernard M. Rosenthal. The Implications of Incunable Description for the History of Reading Revisited / Paul Sanger. Exploring and Recording Provenance: Initiatives and Possibilities / David Pearson. Provenance Evidence and Printing and Publishing Evidence: Use and Revision of the RBMS Thesauri / Deborah J. Leslie. The Recording of Marks of Provenance in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France and Other French Libraries / Ursula Bauermeister. Index possessor incunabulorum (IPI): Notes on the Ownerships of Incunables / Paul Needham. English and Scottish Ownership of Printed Books, 1450-1557: Report on a Database for the History of the Book in Britain, Volume III / Margaret Lane Ford. Private Libraries in Renaissance England: A Progress Report / E.S. Leedham-Green. The "Marks in Books" Project of the Bibliographical Society (London) / Lotte Hellinga. Marks of Ownership of British and American Book Collectors / Denis Woodfield. Marks in Books and Libraries of Henry VIII / Marks in Books Printed by the Brothers of the Common Life in Brussels: Production and Reception / Elly Cockx-Indestege. Dated and Datable Borders in English Books, c. 1395-c.1504: Preliminary Thoughts on a Project Sponsored by the Bibliographical Society of London / Kathleen L. Scott.



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