ABM is Open!

The city is doing construction on Clementina Street, but don’t be daunted: sidewalks are still open, and so is the Bookbinders Museum. Come visit!

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  1. Welllll…. It’s not all she wrote. Hannah Dustin French remained an active binding historian for the rest of her life. A collection of her work, “Bookbinding in early America : seven essays on masters and methods,” was published in 1986. More recent information on early American binding will be found in various exhibition and collection catalogues written or cowritten by Willman Spawn.

    This isn’t my field, but I believe that the earliest corpus ascribable to known American binders is still the work of John Ratcliff from the 1670s and 1680s. However, there would have been work for binders long before this: because of the cost of shipping it was common into the eighteenth century to ship books stripped of their covers, and in any case much of the work of an early binder would have been stationery (blankbook, record book) binding.

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