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Le lion (The Lion, original French edition), by Joseph Kessel Prepared for the International Competition of the 16th World Art Bookbinding Biennial, held in Paris, France, in 2022. The design of the bookbinding refers to the mystery of the African savannah. On the front cover we see, in a synecdoche, the eye of the stalking lion; and on the back cover, through the undergrowth, the color of its body. Technique: bound in “chagreen” goatskin. Edges carved and painted with acrylic. Hand woven bridles. The book covers have been made with the weaving technique on a four-frame loom: a textile made with strips of leather and cotton thread by the textile designer Mariel Andrea Tapia Luna. The letters on the spine of the book, the author and the title, have been made in embossing. 29 x 20 cm 2021-2022

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