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L’étranger (The Stranger, original French edition), by Albert Camus. Prepared for the International Competition of the 15th World Biennial of Art Binding, held in Paris, France, in 2019. Bound in paper and thread. The cover has been painted with acrylic on Murillo cardboard. It has been intervened and woven with cotton thread, on a four-frame loom, by the textile designer Mariel Andrea Tapia Luna. When man thinks and acts differently from others, he is condemned by society and excluded from it, he becomes a foreigner in his own land, he is even sentenced to death. The cover expresses this idea by weaving the image of the solitary man with the textile, which, in turn, is a shawl that protects (like the binding of a book) and symbolizes maternal protection. 29 x 20cm
Years 2018-2019

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