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The Kindred of the Wild: A Book of Animal Life / Charles G.D. Roberts


Kathleen V. Roberts Collection of Decorated Publishers' Bindings

AnimalsNature stories1900s

8 in

Charles G.D. Roberts

Charles Livingston Bull



United States

North America


C.H. Simonds & Company



United States

North America


Publisher's Binding

Amy M. Sacker

Bound in light green cloth with a triple gilt ruled decoration to the front cover showing a stag with antlers standing on a ridge in silhouette before a gilt moon. In the foreground, through the trees, a gilt eyed hawk is soaring. Signed binding by Amy Sacker; her monogram is at the bottom of the far left tree. The spine is decorated with two gilt standing rabbits. Design is stamped in gilt and dark green. Deckled page edges.

19th impression, Dec 1922.

Colonial Press


The Art of American Book Covers 1875-1930 / Richard Minsky

"Silhouetted by a golden moon, the elk on the hill creates a dramatic image behind Bradley-style trees. The gold title advances, creating tension. But below the title Amy Sacker gives a twist to the picture plane, with a gold-eyed owl coming toward us, pulling the space around it forward as it flies through the trees." (page 41)

Bound for Beauty: Highlights from the Roberts Collection

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