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Mr. Munchausen: Being a True Account of Some of the Recent Adventures Beyond the Styx of the Late Hieronymus Carl Friedrich, Sometime Baron Munchausen of Bodenwerder / John Kendrick Bangs


Kathleen V. Roberts Collection of Decorated Publishers' Bindings

John Kendrick Bangs

Peter Newell

Noyes, Platt & Company



United States

North America


Riggs Printing & Publishing Company


New York

United States

North America

Publisher's Binding

Peter Newell

Pictorial brown cloth designed by Peter Newell and signed with "P.N." in the lower right corner. Titles in black with a uniquely Newell illustration of the Baron talking into the mouthpiece of a hand-cranked telephone stamped in color.

2nd printing.

Karl Friedrich Hieronymus Von Munchausen

Bibliography of American Literature

BAL 753

Bound for Beauty: Highlights from the Roberts Collection

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