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The Ring and the Book / Robert Browning


Kathleen V. Roberts Collection of Decorated Publishers' Bindings

Robert Browning

Luxembourg Classics

Thomas Y. Crowell & Company

New YorkBoston

New YorkMassachusetts

United States

North America


Norwood Press ; J.S. Cushing & Co. ; Berwick & Smith



United States

North America

Publisher's Binding

Decorative Designers

Unsigned binding, likely Henry Thayer/Decorative Designers. Gold and off-white repeating pattern of an open book stamped in off-white within interlocking gold rings on vertically ribbed dark olive green cloth. Pattern repeated on spine. Top edge gilt.

Guido Franceschini

Pompilia Franceschini



Compare to cloth color of same title in light olive green cloth (2015.7.147). This one has a much stronger contrast to the stamping.

Bound for Beauty: Highlights from the Roberts Collection

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