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Familiar Wild Flowers Figured and Described / F. Edward Hulme


Kathleen V. Roberts Collection of Decorated Publishers' Bindings


7-1/2 in

5-1/4 in

a. Volume 1 b. Volume 2 c. Volume 3 d. Volume 4 e. Volume 5

F. Edward Hulme


LondonParisNew York

EnglandFranceUnited States

New York

North America


Publisher's Binding- Victorian

Five volume set in uniform binding of bright green cloth with gilt and black stamping. Each book has a separately stamped flower to center in various colors. Marvelous typography of titles to spine and cover is representative of branch and twig and sprouting new growth. Brown stone endpapers. All edges gilt. Excellent example of Victorian 1870s binding.

Publication Date: 1877-1885

Ben George


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