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The Strife of the Sea / T. Jenkins Haines


Kathleen V. Roberts Collection of Decorated Publishers' Bindings

T. Jenkins Hains

Clifford W. AshleyGeorge W. Hood


The Baker & Taylor Company

New York

New York

United States

North America


Publisher's Binding- Poster Style

Decorative Designers

Very scarce three-panel stamped binding on navy blue cloth. Stamped in two shades of gilt, white, and two shades of green. Top panel of gilt clouds with five wobbling penguins, middle panel of turbulent ocean and gilt sky with negatively stamped sailing ship. Bottom panel of undersea scene of two negatively stamped whales. Deckled edges. Signed binding, Decorative Designers. Notable for use of panels and negative stamping to create the design.

Bound for Beauty: Highlights from the Roberts Collection

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