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An open letter to Hand Papermaking [Hayle Mill] / Simon Barcham Green. Tower vision: paper processes for large sculpture / Kathleen Rowley. Mitnan and hand papermaking in Israel [Robert Leslie] / Joyce Schmidt & Nellie Stavisky. Etchings with handmade paper / Peter Gentenaar. Magnolia Editions: California papermill and printshop / Rod Smith. The first Papermakers of Australia conference / Kathy Nix & Penny Carey-Wells.



Papermaking, Paper, Handmade, Decorative paper, Papierfabricage., Handwerk., Decorative paper., Paper, Handmade., Papermaking., Paper making and trade.Periodicals.

Washington D.C.

United States

North America

Semiannual Vol. 1, no. 1 (spring 1986)- Serial enumeration caption: 2.2

31 cm

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