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An interview with Diane Katsiaficas / Mark Hark. Walls within: a handmade paper installation / Lois James. Celebrating the Bill of Rights / Gordon Fluke. An evolution of embossed paper / Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand. Collagraph paper sample / Mary Slowinski & Margaret Ahrens Sahlstrand. Book arts at the University of Alabama / Steve Miller. Book arts and the library / Sandra Kroupa. Review: Hand papermaking video series / Bobbie Lippman



Papermaking, Paper, Handmade, Decorative paper, Papierfabricage., Handwerk., Decorative paper., Paper, Handmade., Papermaking., Paper making and trade.Periodicals.

Washington D.C.

United States

North America

Semiannual Vol. 1, no. 1 (spring 1986)- Serial enumeration caption: 7.1

31 cm

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