Help us expand our historical bookbinding machine collection!

The American Bookbinders Museum’s collection of 19th and early 20th century bookbinding machines are the focal point of our primary exhibit and are essential in telling the Story of the Book.

At the end of this year, multiple machines will return to a private collector after their long-term loan expires.

The good news: you can help!

ABM is committed to raising the funds needed to acquire and preserve additional pieces of bookbinding history. With your generous support, North America’s only bookbinding museum can continue to educate the public about how humankind’s greatest invention, the book, was made throughout history. Click the red button below and help us maintain our historical bookbinding machine collection by funding the preservation of newly acquired, unique treasures!




Priority acquisitions of the Historical Bookbinding Machine Fund:

Book sewing machine & feed table circa 1900s, similar to the pictured Smyth National, click to view a 2-minute video about the National!

Industrial board shear, circa 1850-90, similar to the pictured Hickok Board Shear, click to view a 2-minute video about the board shear!

Imperial arming machine, circa 1850, similar to pictured Hampson & Bettridge











Donations of $200 or more will receive plaque recognition, to be permanently displayed next to newly acquired pieces.

Do you collect historical bookbinding machines or know someone who does? We are looking for same or similar machines as those pictured above, preferably in working condition. ABM would happily accept an in-kind equipment donation that meets our acquisition needs. Ready to donate? Click here to contact the museum with details!

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