Master – $200

A Master bookbinder is the boss, able to hire journeyman and take on apprentices. Infused with an entrepreneurial spirit, only Masters could open a shop and hang out a shingle for business. Masters answered to the guild and attended guild meetings. Woe betide the Master caught cheating a customer or churning out shoddy work: the guild would issue stern warnings and in the worst case could revoke the Master’s right to practice the craft he had worked so long to attain. As an ABM “Master” we have a special gift for you.

“Book Restoration Unveiled” and Starter Archival Book Repair Kit

Master members receive the ultimate package for beginner book restorers from Sophia S.W. Bogle, expert book restorer. Her book “Book Restoration Unveiled” is the ultimate guide to understanding your options in preserving the value of your books. The starter archival book repair kit, paired with one of Sophia’s free foundational online courses, will enable you to repair hinges and joints, strengthen corners, and repair and clean pages. Kit contents:

  • Sekishu white                                                              
  • Hinging tissue
  • Baking parchment
  • Document repair tape
  • Micro spatula
  • Nori paste
  • Small brush
  • Eraser
  • Emery board
  • Corner pressing boards
  • Bulldog clip


Master members also receive two ABM tickets, redeemable for museum admission or two in-person or virtual lectures of your choice! Member benefits valued at $80

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