Master – $200

A Master bookbinder was the boss, able to hire journeyman and take on apprentices. Infused with an entrepreneurial spirit, only Masters could open a shop and hang out a shingle for business. Masters answered to the guild and attended guild meetings. Woe betide the Master caught cheating a customer or churning out shoddy work: the guild would issue stern warnings and in the worst case could revoke the Master’s right to practice the craft he had worked so long to attain.

DIY Bookbinding Kit

All Master Guild members receive a DIY bookbinding kit – the ideal way to engage with bookbinding while social distancing during the pandemic. The kit includes all materials needed to craft your very own “Exposed Binding” journal. Click here for a 6-minute video tutorial and learn how to use the DIY kit!

DIY Bookbinding KitMaterials included:

  • 1 Bone folder
  • Harness needle
  • 10 Sheets of paper
  • 1 Awl
  • 2 oz. PVC glue
  • 1 Foam glue brush
  • Waxed linen thread
  • 2 Pieces of bookcloth
  • 1 Spine piece
  • 1 Endpaper
  • 2 pieces of bookboard

Good to have on hand:

  • Ruler
  • Newsprint or scrap paper
  • Old phone book or other surface to “stab” into
  • Pencil


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