Journeyman – $100

As a Journeyman you can work for any Master, in any city, and earn wages for a day’s work. The term journey is derived from the French journée, meaning “day,” roughly translating into day laborer. Having graduated to this level you are a competent bookbinder, well versed in all aspects of bookbinding. You might want to strike out on your own and run your own shop but you can’t–only Masters can open and run a bindery. Journeyman can join the guild, but to become a Master you have to to apply to the guild and submit your “masterpiece.” As an ABM Journeyman you will recieve this special gift.

Two Pieces of Accardi Marbled Paper

Journeyman members receive two pieces of beautiful marbled paper, handmade by book artist Pietro Accardi (colors/design for each two-piece order selected by ABM staff based on inventory). Accardi was born in Turin, in northwestern Italy, where he studied restoration, marbling, and bookbinding. Now living and working in the Sierra Nevadas, Accardi’s work combines marbling and binding techniques. 

Journeyman members also receive two ABM tickets, redeemable for museum admission or two lectures of your choice! Member benefits valued at $55


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