Journeyman – $100

A guild journeyman was a skilled worker who had completed an apprenticeship and worked as an employee or day laborer for wages. The journey part of journeyman is derived from the French journée, which means “day”. In the 14th c the English term journey took on the meaning of “a day’s labor, ” and in the 15th c the title journeyman applied to a skilled laborer who had completed a formal apprenticeship period and was paid for their labor. Today the title is used in the building trades and generally requires state or local licensing.

Bone Folder

The bone folder is an essential bookbinding tool regardless of experience level. ABM’s bone folder is 100% genuine bovine bone adorned with the iconic ABM logo. A pear-shaped bone folder (pointed at one end and round at the other) helps you score and fold paper, smooth and burnish surfaces, and turn corners on cloth and leather. Whether you are a bookbinder, crafter or oragamist, we hope you enjoy this special membership gift.

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