Finishing Press

A Finishing Press is a small wooden laying press with two solid cheeks (wooden Finishing Press sides) connected by a hand-screw at each end, to hold a book in place while lettering or tooling their spines.

Finishing Stove

Finishing Stoves are used to heat finishing tools. Tools are laid around the stove with only the metal stamp makes contact with the heating-plate.


A Coolers is a saucer with wet flannel in it, placed near the finishing stove to reduce the heat of the smaller finishing tools and stamps by touching the heated tool to the flannel. Larger tools like fillets, rolls and polishing irons are cooled in a bucket of water.

Gold Cushion

A Gold Cushion, or Gilders Cushion, is a wooden board covered with flannel padding overlaid by rough calf skin. Used to set gold leaf before applying to the cover for tooling.

Gold Knife

A Gold Knife, or Gilding Knife, has ¾ inch wide blade and is about 8 inches long, with a straight, sharp edge--sharp enough to cut gold leaf but not the cushion.

Gold Rubber

Gold Rubber is small piece of rubber soaked in gas or kerosene to remove surplus gold after tooling.

Gold Rag

A Gold Rag is used to remove excess gold after tooling. Any soft material soaked in olive oil or similar oil can be used to wipe away gold flecks after gold tooling.

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