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13, Volume VII, Number 1, 1985 / A Transatlantic Involvement with Printing History / John Dreyfus. For Gospel and Wool Trade: Early Printing in New Zealand / Roderick Cave and Kathleen Coleridge. The First Publication to Use American-Made Type / C. Deirdre Phelps. Review: John Carter and Graham Pollard, An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth-Century Pamphlets; Nicholas Barker and John Collins, A Sequel to an Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets by John Carter and Graham Pollard / William S. Peterson. John Buechler, Charles Whittingham, Printer, 1795-1876; James Davis, Printed by Hague and Gill; Vincent Torre, a Tribute to W. A. Dwiggins on the Hundredth Anniversary of his Birth; Gay Walker, the Works of Carl P. Rollins / David Pankow. Phoebe Jane Easton, Marbling / Robin Heyeck. Brigid Peppin and Lucy Micklethwait, Book Illustrators of the Twentieth Century / Bernard McTigue.



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