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1979-80 / Machine-Stamped Bookbindings, 1834-1860 with Check List of Binders' Signatures, Sue Allen / Spaces -- Eighteen Bookbindings from the Collection of Hope G. Weil / Symposium on Paper Conservation -- Ninth Northeastern Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society / The Man Who Printed Books at the YMCA, Caroline F. Schimmel / Programs: A Proposed Graduate Degree Program for Conservation Administrators and Conservators Prepared by Paul N. Banks for the School of Library Service, Columbia University, Laura S. Young / Bookbindings from the Collection of Hope G. Weil, Janet Saint Germain / A Day in New Haven, Janet Saint Germain / Annual Reports: President's Annual Report, Mary C. Schlosser / Minutes of the Annual Meeting, Diane C. Burke / Treasurer's Report,William M. Klein / Library, Stanley E. Cushing / Publications, Jerilyn G. Davis / Publicity, Caroline F. Schimmel / Workshops, Nelly Balloffet



Bookbinding, Book ornamentation, Calligraphy, Buchkunst, Book ornamentation., Bookbinding., Calligraphy.Periodicals., Zeitschrift.

New York

New York

United States

North America

Semiannual, Began with vol. 1, no. 1 (Fall 1962). Some issues not published; some issues combined., Vol. numbering ceased with 2009 issue.

21 in

22 cm

Guild of Book Workers

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